Eco Drive Charging

Your Eco Drive watch does not operate on a battery, but is powered by light. It features a special energy storage cell that must be recharged on a regular basis. It is best to expose your watch to light daily to ensure optimal performance. Once fully charged, your timepiece will run for approximately 180 days without additional charging. Outline below are the full recharge

times from a complete discharge utilizing various light sources.
Usually, overhead office light is insufficient to achieve a full charge from a completely depleted power reserve.We recommend that you use natural outdoor light,( 4 to 5 days in direct sun light ) or an incandescent light source 20″ from the watch for a charging a watch in this state. However, office lighting is sufficient for keeping your watch continually charged. After fully charging your watch from a complete discharge or some other malfunction, be sure to perform the ALL RESET AND 0-POSITIONING outlined in your instruction book. You may also find instruction sets on our web site at in the Technical Support area under Setting Instructions.


The low charge indicator activates when the power reserve reaches a one day charge level indicating if the watch is not recharged within one day, it will stop. The second hand will move in two second increments and the display will show a graphic depicting a battery with word  “Charge.”

If your 2nd cell ( energy cell )  is over 7 years old, it will need replacing with a new one.

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